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Sarasota Bradenton International airport works aggressively to keep its airline rates and fees as low as possible for the benefit of the airlines operating at SRQ and their passengers. The Authority uses an "Airport Residual" rates and fees model. The financial model ensures SRQ operates safely and efficiently with solid financial footing while guarantying operation of the airport for the short and long term horizons.

SRQ airline rates and fees are offered under two categories; Signatory Airline and Non-Signatory airline. Signatory airlines enter into a fixed term agreement with the Authority and gains a variety of benefits from the agreement. Non-signatory airlines operate limited or seasonal service and generally do not enter into a signatory agreement.

Rates and Fees are adjusted annually based upon the federal government fiscal year from October 1st through September 30. Rates for each new fiscal year will be posted on this page after the SMAA Board approves the new fees.

Signatory Airline Rates and Fees FY2014
Landing Fees - Per 1,000 lbs GLW $1.46
Average Terminal building rental space per sq. foot per yea $58.66
Ticket Counter/Ticket Office/Queuing(psfpy) $69.56
Holdrooms and Concourse Circulation (psfpy) $69.56
Baggage Claim (psfpy) $52.17
Other Offices (pdfpy) $52.17
Operations Area (psfpy) $34.78
Baggage Make-up(psfpy) $34.78
AirCargo facility rental space per sq. foot per year $11.22
Preferential Apron Fee per linear foot per year $236.32

Non-Signatory Airline Rates and Fees FY2014
Landing Fees - Per 1,000 lbs GLW
Non-Signatory Gatel Use Fee (per turn):
50 Seats or less
51-70 seats
71-100 seats
101-149 seats
150 or more seats

Non-Signatory Terminal Use Fee (per 4 hrs) all aircraft:  $42.00

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