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The Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority offers 105 T-hangars of various sizes located NE & SW of the runway intersection. Currently, there are 42’ wide door T-Hangar spaces available. There is a waiting list for the 48’ wide door T-Hangars.

The following links offer you the opportunity to learn more detailed information about the T-Hangars, add your name to the waiting list for the 48' T-Hangars if you so desire, view the waiting list for 48' T-Hangars, download forms to lease an available T-Hangar or contact the Properties Department.

Resolution 2009-01

T-Hangar Details: Click here to view more information regarding T-Hangars at SRQ:

T-Hangar Waiting List

SMAA 48’ T-Hangar Waiting List Application: Click here if you would like to register to have your name added to the SMAA 48’ T-Hangar Waiting List. Please check the waiting list in 10 days to verify your placement.

View the 48’ T-Hangar Waiting List: Click here to view the waiting list.

Application and Forms

If you are ready to lease a 42’ T-Hangar at this time, the following forms and information will expedite the leasing process. Please don’t hesitate to call the SMAA Properties Dept. (941-359-5200 ext 4219) if you have any questions or would prefer to receive the documents in some other form.
  1. Aircraft Insurance Requirements: A certificate must be received before taking possession of the T-Hangar. The certificate can be faxed to 941-359-5054
  2. Automobile Insurance Requirements: A certificate must be received by the SMAA Operations Dept before you can drive your vehicle(s) to the T-Hangar.
  3. Badging: Access to all T-Hangars requires a Security Access Badge. Please click the link for further information and required forms.
Once you have completed the General Aviation T-Hangar Application, please fax it to 941-359-5054 or mail it to:
Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority
Properties Department
6000 Airport Circle
Sarasota, FL 34243-2105

Contact us or call the Properties Dept @ 941-359-5200 ext. 4219

Thank you very much for your interest. We’re looking forward to having you as a tenant!
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